iSpatial Techno Solutions


Industries get a great benefit from the IT and Spatial Solutions provided by iSpatialTec against their investment on IT solutions. Great Value addition to the organizations is done to achieve Cost Effectiveness, Automation, Accuracy and Productivity.

iSpatialTec serves a wide spectrum of industries ranging from government, security, Utilities, Oil & Gas and more. Although many, they share a common goal. The goal is to store, manage, view and analyze complex information from a spatial and IT perspective along with Accuracy and Productivity.

Public Sector & Governmental Organizations: We have excellent experience in delivering IT solutions for public sectors and government organization according to business needs. iSpatialTech as good knowledge in understanding the complete business needs and provides state of art solutions. We are providing the following list of Information system services for public sector organizations.

  • Business Consultancy Services.
  • IT Project Management Services
  • Developing custom business application specific to the business needs
  • Enterprises Geospatial (GIS) Applications
  • Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) spatial applications
  • Business Process Management automation
  • Application integration services
  • Portal Solutions
  • Application Migration, Upgrades and Enhancements
  • Software Quality Services
  • IT Systems Operational and Maintenance
  • Health, Safety and Environment

Utility Companies: iSpatialTec team implemented information technology systems for various utilities clients in several countries and gained excellent knowledge on multiple vendor products. We have worked with state-of-art technologies as well as legacy systems over past 15years. The experience and in-depth understanding of business processes give us a leading edge in offering web-based solutions and systems integration services. Our team has excellent experience in developing enterprise Geospatial business applications and designing Utility Geospatial Data Model using ESRI technology.

  • Business Operational and Maintenance systems
  • EGIS Business Applications (ESRI and ARCFM)
  • GIS Spatial Data Management and Analysis Solutions
  • Decision Support Systems
  • Assets Management Systems
  • Incident Management Systems
  • Service Desk Systems
  • IT Infrastructure and Systems Operational support services
  • Live feed data monitoring and analysis

Telecommunication: iSpatialTec team have excellent experience in working with telecom industries for providing business specific IT applications. We have implemented IT and GIS systems for managing Business Process Automation and integrate with other internal and external system by writing web services and connectors.

Oil & Gas: The Oil and Gas landscape presents unique opportunities and challenges across HSE, upstream, midstream, and downstream operations. The iSpatialTec team has excellent experience in providing IT services and solutions for Oil & GAS sector. When the integrated systems are implemented, naturally it becomes easy to attain accuracy, risk management, reduction of complexity in operations, an integrated dashboard to view information across the business units, assurance of the safety of assets as well as people, reduction of losses and better handling of resources.

Hence iSpatialTec comes with the Enterprise GIS service and IT consulting services to benefit your organizations with optimal levels of operational efficiency and utilization of resources and assets.

  • Plant Management Systems
  • Business Operational and Maintenance systems
  • EGIS Business Applications
  • GIS Spatial Data Management and Analysis Solutions
  • Decision Support Systems
  • Facility Management Systems
  • Incident Management Systems
  • Service Desk Systems
  • MES and Upstream Operations system
  • Data Control systems
  • Fleet Management and Monitoring system
  • IT Infrastructure & Operational support services

Property Development: Land Information Life Cycle, work flow management, field data reference, easy field survey and verification, monitoring and reporting are very crucial operations in Real Estate Management along with resource management and scheduling the activities. Utilization of common data published by the govt. and authorized departments would be easily integrated to see the real impact of surroundings and supporting data for the better decision.

iSpatialTec comes with the real time experience in handling the asset tracking and managing the system along with property management. IT investment made will create high efficiency in delivering, demonstrating and decision making for the profitability of the business.

  • Property Management Systems
  • Spatial enable GIS Systems
  • Customers Management Systems
  • Project Management Systems
  • Portal Solutions
  • Assets Tracking Systems
  • Incident Management Systems
  • Service Desk Systems
  • IT Infrastructure & Operational support services

Information Technology Organizations: IST professional consultancy team provides information technology strategic planning and advisory services for different clientele. We always provide value added services to our clients. iSpatialTec brings in the revolutionary thinking in delivering cost effective solutions for its innovative automation of software development processes. Your business gets exponential speed and reduces overheads and inconsistency in operations when iSpatialTec IT Consulting begins to help you.