IT Planning / Consultancy

We design and develop enterprise level Internet/Intranet business applications. We are process oriented and our process includes, and is not limited, to the requirements, design, implementation, quality assurance and systems integration phases. Our service falls into one of the following major categories.

Information Technology Consultancy: We provide consultancy services to both onsite and offshore for our clients helping them to make right decisions about their information systems and infrastructure.

Software Development: We provide an end-to-end software development services based on our proven development methodology or any development methodology preferred by our clients. Our expertise includes Business Requirements Modeling, Information System Requirements Modeling, Software Design, Development, Testing, Deployment and Support.


  • Web-Based Software Application and Product Development
  • Enterprises Web Application Development
  • Rich Internet Applications Development
  • Enterprise Web Portal Development
  • Enterprise GIS Application Development
  • Business Process Management Application Development
  • Content Management Systems

Software Re-engineering: We recognize the needs of our clients to continuously re-engineer/upgrade their existing information systems to accommodate their latest business processes and/or to take advantage of latest computing technologies. We help our clients in this effort to keep their information systems most effective and ahead of their competition. Our expertise includes and is not limited to, the Microsoft Technologies, Java Technologies Group, Database Technologies Group and, our specialty, the GIS Technologies Group.

Software Maintenance: We provide hassle-free maintenance services to take care of day-to-day maintenance of the existing information systems for our clients.

Web Application Services

Microsoft .NET Applications: We have strong Microsoft .NET application development team for developing enterprise level WEB based .NET application using the state of art technology. Our Solution architects having excellent experience in designing the solution, which is easy to understand the components and its internal communication, more secure, good performance and easy to maintain the application. Also, we follow industry standard system architectures, frameworks and Design patterns. Using all our .NET application development experience, we build an intelligent Engine (eCube) that will help us to deliver good quality, cost effective solutions with less duration. We have developed a set of components for reporting, dashboards, authentication modules, notifications, Business Process Management functions and some other general functions. These components will help us to deliver the clients with good quality solutions with in short duration.

Portal Development using SharePoint: We have a strong Microsoft SharePoint team for delivering enterprise level portal solution using Microsoft SharePoint. Our team has good experience in configuring the portal, customizing according to the custom needs, Configuring Workflows, Developing the custom web parts using .NET, configuring Notifications, configuring Blogs and user groups, configuring Sites and sub sites and configuring Dashboards. Our SharePoint Architect team develop Enterprises SharePoint Solution Framework for standardizing the SharePoint portal implementation and easy to maintain the portal operation activities.

Enterprises GIS Applications and Data Management Services

Simply implementing Enterprises GIS system will not serve real business needs. Each organization requires business specific data model and custom applications for maintaining up-to-date data, to perform business specific spatial analysis, integrating with other business systems, Mobile spatial data management and analysis and so on. To address this issue, we are offering following spatial application development services. We are providing GIS services for developing the following solutions.

  • Enterprises GIS Business systems
  • Land Management systems
  • Telecommunication Geospatial systems
  • Utility (Water & Electricity) Geospatial systems.
  • Geospatial systems for Oil & Gas sectors
  • Transportation Geospatial systems
  • Geospatial Applications for Defiance sector
  • Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) geospatial systems
  • Geospatial enable Business Process Management Systems
  • Spatial enable projects management systems
  • Marine Data Analysis Application
  • Geo Technical Analysis Application
  • Location based services (LBS)
  • Mobile Geospatial Systems
  • Geospatial Web Services
  • Data management, Analysis and Translation services
  • Integration with any business systems


EGIS Web Applications using ArcGIS Server: Our GIS Development team having good experience in developing enterprise level GIS application using ArcGIS server and all support development APIs. We have been working with ESRI ArcGIS technology for past 10+ years. We have designed and developed an Enterprise GIS solution Framework which provides standard solution architecture for easy to develop the EGIS application with good performance and easy to manage the solution after implementation. We have good experience in designing Geospatial data models according to the client business needs. We provide geospatial web application development services using following technologies.

  • ArcGIS Server Flex API
  • ArcGIS Server Silver Light API
  • ArcGIS Server .NET API
  • ArcGIS Java Script API
  • ArcGIS Server Java API


Desktop GIS Application: We have excellent experience in developing ArcGIS Desktop application for developing Extensions, developing web services and consuming WEB services, integrating with other business systems and Custom business application, quality control tools, data management tools, Printing, Map book creation, event handling tools, managing internal business workflow, using Arc objects and Microsoft .NET technologies, we will develop the application for below.

  • ArcGIS Desktop
  • ArcGIS Engine
  • Arc Explorer

GIS Mobile Applications: We have excellent experience in developing a mobile based application for managing field spatial analysis activities. We have good experience with consuming ArcGIS server mobile API’s for consuming ArcGIS server services and performing spatial operations tasks.

  • Windows Mobile Applications
  • IOS Application
  • Android Applications

GIS Web and Mobile application using Google Map API: We have good experience in developing and delivering spatial enable application using Google Map Java Script API. We have done some projects which involve spatial enabled business system for managing the spatial location of the objects and its related business information using Google Map API.

GIS Web Services: We have good experience in developing SOAP and REST based spatial and non-spatial web service according business needs. We have developed Web Services using .NET and JAVA programming language for different clients.

Data Translation Applications using FME Objects (FME Server & Desktop): We are having good experience in developing spatial data translation custom application using FME and ArcGIS Data Interoperability extension. We are having good experience with FME Objects and Arc objects for developing data translation applications.

ERP Solutions

iSpatialTec has an immense expertise in providing SAP solutions, services, application support, infrastructure, and also in delivering best practices which can fulfill the gap in existing business processes and help to meet the organizational business goals. High skilled consultants of IST help you in developing and implementing a strategy to provide real solutions to business issues. With the help of reliable assessments, business consulting, upgrades, application development, maintenance and support services, IST consultants deliver insights that meet the organization needs and deliver the results and value that it expects.

IST SAP best practices provide rapid, high-quality, and cost-effective SAP implementation and support services. Integrated with brilliant consultants and best quality process, IST ensures customers receive the most from their SAP investments.

IST SAP services are delivered via the SAP Best practices, vast consulting experience, and vertical expertise. This results in a major reduction in project duration and overall project cost while improving productivity and feature richness.

In addition to the aforesaid elements, our comprehensive risk assessment dramatically reduces the time and cost associated with more traditional approaches. And also, our client-specific solution promotes end-user participation, training and acceptance throughout the implementation process. Apart from the providing SAP services, IST would also support to outsource high skilled SAP consultants, wherever it is necessary, on Time and Material mode.

IST offers standard SAP Solution Manager Functionality which enables you to be connected with SAP’s service and support infrastructure. SAP Solution Manager (Solman) is SAP’s unique application management solution that facilitates technical support for distributed systems. The Solman functionality provides support in solution deployment, operations and enables continuous improvement of processes and systems. Effective use of the Solution Manager increases the reliability of solutions and lowers the total cost of ownership.

Mobile Application Services

We are having excellent experience in developing mobile Applications using following technologies.

  • Windows Mobile Applications
  • Apple IOS Applications
  • Android Applications

We are having excellent experience in developing WEB Services, windows services and desktop applications using Microsoft technology.

IT Infrastructure & Networking Services

Apart from the software development services, our team has good experience in configuring and deploying the solution in enterprise level infrastructure. Our team has good experience in:

Server’s configuration: We have good experience in configuring the server using Windows Server 2008 and Linux servers.

Database configuration: Our database admin team has excellent experience in IT, Geospatial technology database systems such as ESRI ArcGIS Server, Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server. Our team consists of certified professionals who are experts in Oracle, Oracle Spatial, Microsoft SQL Server and related database technologies. We are well versed in Oracle’s PL/SQL, Oracle Designer and Oracle Application Server. Our database group handles complex database modeling, design, development, and data administration tasks.

Networking: Our infrastructure team has good experience in designing complex network infrastructure according to client business needs.

Building Virtual environment using Hyper-V and VMWARE: We are having excellent experience in building Virtual environment using Microsoft Hyper-V and VMWARE technology.

SAN Storage and Backup Services: We are having excellent experience configuring and managing SAN storage solutions and Backup solutions using a different application.

IT Governance & Standards

Software Development Life Cycle: SDLC is the standard process of developing information systems. iSpatialTec follows the standard Software Development Life Cycle steps as mentioned below for Software development activity.

  • Requirement Analysis
  • System Design
  • System Development
  • System testing
  • Deployment

Operation and maintaining: We follow ITSM standard operating procedures for providing the operations support and maintenance of our projects and solutions.

  • Service Request Management
  • Change Management
  • Incident Management
  • Configuration Management

Software Quality Standards.

Follow ISO and CMM standards.

IT Man Power Services

IST provides complete range of IT staffing services like contract based, contract-to-hire & direct hire solutions.

We provide IT staffing services for both offshore and onsite requirements. We have successfully served various countries like India, UAE, USA, Canada, Australia and much more.

Ours dedicated IT recruiting team understands the client's requirements clearly and screen the profiles which are matching clients requirements and deliver the services to a client.

Application Integration Services

As your business grows and matures, demands on your information technology architecture become increasingly complex and the need for agility increases exponentially. New services and functionality become integrated and add to the overall cost of maintenance and impede the adoption of new business processes. Your business needs a solution that improves performance across your entire application infrastructure and allows for greater flexibility and lower cost to help you remain competitive and embrace new opportunities.

IST enterprise integration services help you to achieve these goals by providing agile, service oriented architecture (SOA) that integrates existing assets and providing standards-based services that allow you to automate, reuse, repurpose and share processes across your entire network regardless of systems. Our enterprise integration services allow you to build on existing assets and reduce the total cost of ownership of applications.

Integration also ensures ongoing compliance with governmental and industry-mandated regulations and streamlines workforce resources across disparate environments. In addition to reducing IT costs, enterprise integration enhances productivity and improves time-to-market of services.

IST enterprise integration service offers a cross-platform reconciliation of information to provide complete visibility and accessibility of your vital data, resulting in greater cooperation between customers, vendors, partners and business divisions. This, in turn, leads to better-informed decision-making capabilities.

By incorporating open source applications we help your business in reducing IT costs and licensing fees. Our approach is vendor agnostic, which means your enterprise integration initiative will be fully scalable and compatible with emerging technologies over a long term.

Our data integration services provide cost-effective, custom designed, solutions to help you consolidate, synchronize, distribute and archive data and information across your entire enterprise network. Our data integration services include automated profiling capabilities and user-specific accessibility that promotes collaboration between business divisions, partners, vendors and customers.