iSpatialTec has been delivering technology solutions globally which facilitate efficiency, increased productivity, performance, transparency and online workflows, incorporating built in processes, controls, programs and interfaces. Our solutions aid in quick decision making which is facilitated by the analysis of various data sources and business logic rules, leading to increased efficiency and productivity at all levels.

We have also successfully delivered various projects globally. Some of them are recognized as the best examples for increasing the efficiency of organization operations.

We have excellent experience in developing enterprises level Web based, Mobile and Smart devices, Desktop IT solution for GIS, Content Management, Business Process Management, e-Permitting, Portal, Document Management, Projects Tracking, Assets Tracking, Service Desk and incident management for various clients across the world.




ECube solution builds feature-rich enterprise level business applications that are easy to customize and ready to deploy without any need for programming. It is a complete intelligence engine with built in libraries and web application interface that will generate presentation layer, Business layer and creates database classes, database tables, stored procedures and functions. The user needs to define business rules and configure the application by just one click, it will generate a complete application with .NET classes and database.



  • Fast track Web applications development.
  • Reduce application development costs and time.
  • Providing Quick prototype for analyzing and a better understanding of system requirements.
  • The Well matured eCube engine will generate a good quality application.
  • Output application is well architect and easy to maintain.
  • Easy to extend the functions.
  • Easy to integrate the application with other business systems and BPM.
  • ECube engine can generate Web Service layer for all business operations. Other business application can easily integrate with eCube generated applications.



Product development is a continuous process. We are working on enhancing eCube solution by adding more functionalities and features like Business Process Management functions, advanced reporting functions and more presentation themes.



Just one click smart solution... Paperless solution.

eCubeApps is a cloud based digital data collection for your business case and analysis solution which can be used for Customer satisfaction Surveys, Field Data collection, Opinion polls and Online Examinations.

You can access our application through Web/Mobile (Android/IOS).

eCubeApps advantages improve business performance, transparent information, save paper and printing, save money and time. Access from anywhere and anytime live data, reports for analysis and service improvement, easy to use solution, easy to reach customers, good customer relation, data history and analytics.

Solution Model:

eCube App Video:

You can ask me anything, we will provide solutions

  • Service / Customer / Product Feedback ... QR Code Generate
  • Field data / Survey Data Collection for anything
  • Any Membership Registration
  • Online Exams
  • Event Registration / Slot Booking
  • Any Reviews

Business Benefits:

  • Improve Business Performance
  • Transparent Information
  • Save Paper and Printing
  • Access from Any ware and Anytime
  • Easy to Reach Customers
  • Save Money & Time
  • Data History and Analytics
  • Easy to use solution


  • Online Forms
  • Real time reports
  • Smart Phone & Tab Access
  • Share form in Social Media, email, Website page, QR Code.
  • Data Backup
  • Secure System Access
  • Cloud Service
  • System Integration



Smart Geo App developed by iSpatialTec is a wonderful Geo Visual Application which enables the user to see the map data and compare with base maps and shared map services and do overlay analysis for taking a better decision and generate customized maps on the fly. Smart Geo App is powerful yet simple, easy to use, viewer and reviewer using redlining, provides quickly customizable and shareable maps, spatially searchable with smart tools and with instant email communication.

The Solution:
Smart Geo App – presents a simple yet detailed solution that expands the possibility of quick and accurate coordination between departments naturally, because the simplified features allow the users to experience a paradigm shift in the way they are working with the applications and handling field work and verification of information.

No more hassles of carrying the maps and plans. It's cost effective… It comes handy to address your Map Viewing, Analysis and Reporting needs.

Designed to Flexible, Easily to use and ready to meet the needs of various departments who want to track or drive the verification both in office and in field with dynamic update.

Mobile Compatibility
Field verification works demand on the fly map correction and remarks to be sent through a convenient mobile device. Hence Smart Geo App comes handy to access on the Mobile devices like smart phones, Tabs and iPads.

It makes the work easy with its anytime access to the Maps and the Departmental information, thereby making the inspection and accurate field verification a happy task.



Smart Permit – presents a simple yet detailed solution that expands the possibility of quick and accurate coordination between departments naturally, because the simplified process allows the clients to experience a paradigm shift in the way they are working with the applications and handling files and communicating between departments.

The solution comes with the state of the art technologies and map enabled interactive representation and communication. It is also ready to integrate with any database system with its database independent architecture.

The Smart Permit system has the following module for managing complete business operations.

What makes it essential for the permitting authorities?

  • Online application – single point source to take the requests for No Objection Certificate.
  • Paperless and Transparent process – Applications traverse through mail box to mail box enabling effective and efficient handling of requests and adds transparency and quick movement of applications between the responsible officers.
  • Geo-Enabled: The applicant can draw and represent the area of interest on a Map where he is applying for a permit. This makes the job easy for the inspection and accurate verification of the application.
  • Configurable Roles for approval: Approving officers can be assigned to the case to case basis for various categories of permitting processes.
  • Transparent & Traceable: Applicant and authorities can always track the status of the application.
  • Profitable and Fast: The process saves the huge cost of waiting and the manual movement of the files between offices and officers. Helps to avoid damages of underground assets by incorporating the Geo-enabled solution.
  • Innovative and Compatible: The system is ready to integrate with any database system. Innovative system to automate the approval process.


SharePoint Portal Server enables the organizations to develop an enterprises level portal site that can be accessed by all users, teams, and knowledge seamlessly so that people can take advantage of sharing the information across business processes to help them work more efficiently. SharePoint solution is the excellent portal and collaboration solution, which improves the productivity and efficiency of organizations. SharePoint integrates well with MS Exchange and other Microsoft business applications and tools. IST SharePoint solution framework provides enterprise level portal and collaboration functions easy to extend and customize according to the business needs. SharePoint can communicate to the external databases and other data sources, reading and updating the data for different data sources.

Microsoft SharePoint to facilitate collaboration, implement business processes, provide content management features and provide access to information that is essential to the organizational goals and processes. We can quickly create SharePoint sites that support specific content publishing, content management, records management, or business intelligence needs. We can also conduct effective searches for people, documents, and data, participate in forms-driven business processes, access and analyze large amounts of business data. Using SharePoint solutions we can:

  • Provide a Single, Integrated Platform for Managing Intranet, Extranet, and Internet Applications.
  • Accelerate Internal and External Shared Business Processes.
  • Effectively Manage and Repurpose Your Information Assets.
  • Make Better-Informed Decisions through Centralized Access to Information.
  • Share Business Information within and outside your organization

iSpatialtec SharePoint team has excellent expertise on Moss 2003, 2007 and 2010. We provide services for installing, configuring, developing customized web parts, customized migration, troubleshooting implementation issues & solutions that use Windows SharePoint Services and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007. Our SharePoint Consulting Team can help to define & analyze client’s application requirements, guide through the techniques of integrating your business requirements and execute it over a set plan.


Enterprise GIS solution is a framework build using the ESRI ArcGIS server technology that provides geospatial data and services share across the organization. The basic idea of an enterprise GIS is to address the business needs of an organization. It Provides an interface for multi user access and integrates with other business systems. EGIS framework it will support for building spatial enable mash-ups with in any business systems and have access to both spatial and non-spatial data.

EGIS Solution framework provides a comprehensive infrastructure for managing the enterprise's GIS applications, geospatial data, spatial services, Application services, API for consuming the services, building the mash-ups for business needs. Centralized infrastructure can result in significant cost saving, performance improvements and good operations and maintenance. EGIS system can be configured in a virtual environment using Microsoft Hyper-v or VMWARE. we recommend to building testing and development environments in a virtual environment because it can reduce the infrastructure and operational cost...

It is also important to manage, share and analyze the spatial data using enterprise GIS systems. EGIS solution has the relational database systems such as Geodatabase, SDE, enterprise level security, concurrent user access, version control and spatial indexing. IST will prepare the data model and geospatial business applications for below industries.

  • Land Management & Urban Planning Sectors
  • Transportation sector
  • Utility (Water & Electricity) Sectors
  • Telecommunication Sectors
  • Property Management Sectors
  • Oil & Gas Sectors
  • Defence and security sectors
  • Health Sectors
  • Educational Sectors



The Smart Field Geo Application is to support field operations and team to analyze location-based facilities information along with facilities maintenance details. The great feature of this application is to support the addressed functionalities both in offline and online modes.

Mobile workers can offline search assets and navigate to them, redline notifications and perform work order tasks.

  • Works in both online & offline mode
  • Data is secured in online & offline mode
  • No license required
  • Uses open source software: database, server, application frameworks
  • Easy to configure & manage the data layers. Supports hierarchical, grouping & nesting of related data layers
  • Easy to add new functionalities
  • Base map gallery to choose base map
  • Supports different GIS data formats: geo-json, tiled maps, WFS, WMS, Spatialite, ArcGIS Rest services
  • Easy to configure & style the map with different symbology
  • Easy to extend the functionalities & tools
  • Offline editing with auto/on demand data synchronization between server and locally cached data
  • Supports redlining with attribution
  • Application available for Android, iOS & Windows mobile platforms

Envision Technologies

has been at the forefront in evaluating and providing affordable assistive technology to individuals with Artificial Intelligence, Deep learning, Augmenting Reality, Virtual Reality, 3D solutions, Automation and Big data analytics. We engage our customer with a strong solution focus to meet their present and future automation needs.

“Envision Technology solutions to help your business succeed today. Innovation to ensure that your company is prepared for tomorrow”



BrAeIn Smart Intelligence has all the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Business Intelligence (BI) & Location Intelligence (LI).
BrAeIn is a smart Internet of Things (IoT) analytics & AI-based solution, which helps to build live monitoring intelligence dashboards & predictive analytics, based on the deep learning algorithms, location intelligence, speech recognition & analyzing patterns from historical data.

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Map-based Analytics
  • Object Detection
  • Voice Recognition
  • BI Analytics
  • Deep Learning
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Integration Connectors
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Security Intelligence